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Being responsible for the door to raise and lower itself, springs perform a vital function. Any disruption in the working of a spring can cause severe damages to the door, sometimes even leading to the garage doors crashing down! Such occurrences are highly hazardous to one’s safety, life and property. The springs range from the tiniest to huge ones, and they take up maximum pressure and weight of the door. Unattended broken springs, whether it is torsion or extension, can cause severe damages. When you notice something off about your garage door springs, give Quality Garage Door a call, and we will be quick to respond to the issue, either by tightening, repairing or replacing them.

With the right amount of acquired knowledge, obtained experience, and skill, our technicians provide the best services possible to all in the Fairfield, NJ area. We have a wide-range of springs to choose from and depending upon your requirements, you can choose from the various sizes of springs we have, considering the weight and load of your garage doors. With professionals around you to provide top-notch services, you need not worry about choosing the wrong one. We are just by your side to ensure that you opt for the best. Depending upon the various requirements, you can choose from the two of the following springs:

Torsion springs:

Quality Garage Door Fairfield, NJ 862-251-5906Torsion springs are basically the extended counterparts of extension springs. They are designed to meet the advanced level of standards outlined in the industry. The springs of this kind come with a unique mechanism that is quite admirable. The system is as such that the spring is tightly wounded over a shaft, with cables and connections running through both the ends. Once the door raises, the spring slowly unwinds and the stored energy of the cable is transferred. The knack is that these springs provide added safety and security as they can hold the door up even when the spring is broken.

Torsion springs have become just the ‘thing’ of today, as most of the residences and commercial spaces have them installed on their garage doors. The conclusion about the type, size and number of springs that one requires can only be suggested by a trained professional who is well aware of the various requirements a garage door has, which is why you need to call Quality Garage Door for any kind of garage door assistance.

Extension Springs:

Extension springs are traditional components. They are based on the principle of expansion and contraction during the times of closure and opening. When the garage door is lifted, the extension spring contract and when it remains in a closed position, it rests whilst being expanded. As these springs aren’t as safe as the torsion springs, they need to be handled by skilled individuals only. A layman shouldn’t lay his hands on it for it will lead to disastrous ramifications.

Extension springs are an inexpensive option, but also require regular maintenance and utmost care. Call Quality Garage Door for all your spring-related needs in Fairfield, NJ area.